Saturday, September 22, 2012

WBT Parent Resources

Usually thoughts of Back to School Night create sweaty palms and armpits, but I have to say for the FIRST time I am SUPER excited to see parents this Thursday.  I already have had a few parents tell me about how their child LOVES whatever we are doing in class with our gestures.  Parents might not get exactly what I'm doing thats so different, but Back to School Night will give me a chance to break it down!  I'm going to have my students come and  "show off" all we've learned and stored in different areas of the brain.  
B2SN  will also give me a change to convince parents to let me begin my sample videos for certification! Since my students have bought into this so much and go home telling their parents about it, I believe convincing the parents is the easy part.  The difficult part is having the district approve the videos being put on YouTube.  I already approached my principal and had him read my version of THIS permission slip template another WBT teacher posted on the forum.  (She goes by Scrapbunny and if you teach the lower grades, she has also created Common Core alligned Power Pix.  Visit her blog thats under "My Fave Blogs" on the right of my page!)  My principal isn't so sure its going to get approval but he said he's going to talk to the Communication Office to try and get approval before B2SN.  Sigh, that's the thing about working for a large urban district, but I'm going to do EVERYTHING I can!

My class is already pumped to start our video journey and I have been learning alot looking at other teachers videos.  This will be a great way to improve my own teaching and hopefully help out other newbies!  If B2SN has already passed and you are beginning to introduce pieces of WBT in your classroom, HERE is a great letter to send home to parents. 

 Has anyone else had difficulty getting approval from the district level?  If so, what did you do?  I'm crossing my fingers that this week will bring good news. I will keep you posted!

Ms. Cruz

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