Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY: Milk Crate Ottoman

It's been almost a week since I've posted, due to my daughter getting PNEUMONIA!  Last week showed the strength of WBT, as I was barely awake from dealing with the madness, and still able to push through at school!  This weekend I gave myself a DIY boost to get myself going full throttle.  I created these milk crate ottomons for  $6.25 each (I made 6)!  I've seen this project done various ways on pinterest and different blogs, but this way was the easiest, cheapest way to put all the ideas in one!  (The inside looks cluttered because I threw all of my supplies in there temporarily).  My students LOVED them and talked about how soft the cushions were.  I only allowed them to test them out today because they are Super Improver Wall incentives!  It already has them excited!

You Will Need To Buy:

  • Milk Crates                      
$3.50 at Walmart
  • Fabric                               
 $1.00 a yard
(Walmart had alot of discount fabrics, so I made 6 ottomons 
out of 3 yards of fabric)
  • Foam Mattress Pad          
$9.97 for a Twin and a dollar more for a full (Mainstays Brand)
  • Plywood                          
My grandpa had some lying around,  but if you go to Home Depot with the crate, they will cut it out for you for free.  The wood is cheap!

My grandpa hard at work!  He is the best :)

Home Supplies:
Staple Gun and staples

Lay the foam pad face down on the ground.  Put the cut wood on top and trace each piece.

Step 2:
Take the wood and put it on top of the fabric.  I eyeballed the measurements (like I said, I do it the EASY/LAZY way) but I left about 3 1/2 inches for each side, then cut the fabric.

Step 3:
Lay the foam flat side down on the fabric and put the wood on top.  I did 2 of the lids with the wavy side down on the fabric but DUH! the top seemed a little too uneven for my liking.  Staple the fabric as you go.  I did the sides like wrapping paper and stapled them.  When I was done, I covered the empty square in the middle by just cutting a square of fabric and stapling it on top.  It's just the bottom, but it made it look more complete!

Step 4:
Put the lid on the open side of the crate and it sits right on it easily.  I've seen it done on the sides or glued on top of the crate, but this way it can hold books and supplies.  I'm all for multi-purpose furniture! I have 5th graders, so I know it is strong enough for students that are younger!  They are pretty sturdy. 

The finished product: 
(I found this 5x8 rug in the clearance section of Walmart, for $5!)

I return them under the tables when they are not being used for cute, room saving storage!

I'll be sharing more of my rockstar themed room soon!

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