Monday, April 15, 2013


 I am one of those people that are constantly thinking, "Oh!  I can blog about this!" all throughout the day.  Unfortunately when it comes down to it, by the end of the day I never blog because I feel like I have to create a long, formal, detailed presentation. The reality is that most teachers are Post-it using, on- the- go creatures.  I decided that in order to blog more often, I will have to allow myself to  use my blog as a place where I also can simply post little tidbits of my day!

 In my new role as the 5th grade certification mentor, I have committed to blogging at least once a week.  If you like the page, you will be able to help decide each week's  topic!  My blog is not limited to 5th grade advice,everything is relevant to all grades and can be fit to meet different grade levels.  If you are a 5th grade teacher and looking for help with certification and all things WBT, then introduce yourself on this  page, 5th Grade Certification on Facebook, and message your email so that I can add you to our mass email  list.

In other VERY exciting news, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids was recently released on Amazon!  I already received my copy and I want to blog about about certain chapters as I go along.  I like having a hard copy reference I can quickly flip to.  If you are on your journey to certification, you get a 25 CP bonus just for linking techniques to the material in the book!  Here is the link to go get one yourself: Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Students.

Lastly, Coach B. added three more PDF's on the Whole Brain Teaching website!  They are available under "Free Ebooks" in the Common Core section:  What is a Sentence?  What is a Prediction? WBT Introduction.  I've used all of the PDF's posted so far and my students love them!  The topics are ones that have already been covered earlier in the year but they are GREAT for review at any time..  I am already thinking about how amazingly easy these PDF's will make my teaching next year!  The favorite parts are the visual examples and the fully prepared QT tests :)

I look forward to jump starting my blogging.  Again, if you have any topic suggestions,  please post them on the 5th Grade Certification link above.  Wibb on!

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  1. I am so motivated by your blog! I am your newest follower. I've been working my way through the book WBT for Challenging Kids and I can't put it down. I've only been using WBT since January but it is addictive, right? Please follow my blog and help me along the way!
    Level 4 WBT


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